What We Offer Our Clients

Laser Tattoo Removal procedures depend on many factors to achieve successful results. The size of the tattoo, age of the tattoo, type of ink used, skin type, overall health of the client, and other factors all play a role in the process. At Shrinking Ink, we only charge our clients for the treatments they actually receive, and we offer affordable pricing for larger tattoos like chest and back pieces. Prices start at $100 every six to eight weeks for small tattoos. Pricing for larger tattoos varies depending on the desired results. Results acceptable for cover-up work may differ from the goals required for complete removal; so we take this into consideration.

Potential clients are always offered a free initial consultation to determine if laser tattoo removal is an appropriate option for the client. Once laser treatments begin, follow-up treatments are scheduled six to eight weeks apart. This allows the body to naturally eliminate the smaller fragments of ink from the skin. Clients typically notice a difference in the appearance of the skin after the first treatment, however the process requires time for the body to heal and slowly remove the ink. Laser Tattoo Removal is not a speedy solution. It requires a committed approach from the client which, includes keeping appointments and closely following aftercare instructions.

tattoo removal results vary depending on numerous factors
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At Shrinking Ink we believe in safety first. Our tattoo removal equipment is Health Canada approved and meets all regulatory requirements. We encourage our clients to extend the intervals between visits. This gives the body more time to naturally remove the ink, and can result in less treatments overall. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the cost of removing unwanted tattoos for our clients and produce exceptional results without adverse effects on the skin.

We guarantee discreet and confidential services, and recognize some tattoos have emotional ties or painful attachments to the past. We are committed to compassionate nonjudgmental care. Our clients are always given the option to decline consent of the use of their photos in marketing.

We welcome referrals and we also offer pro bono services for select clients who are referred from non-profit programs.

Laser Tattoo Removal is often an optional service, but for certain clients it becomes a necessity. Removing particular kinds of tattoos opens doors to gainful employment and a new start in life. Shrinking Ink would like to be a meaningful part of these stories.

Non-profit organizations looking for a unique fundraising item, can contact us about our services. Like our pages on social media and let us know what your needs are. We are a friendly neighbourhood business providing competent service with attention to detail.

We are also happy to work with clients to coordinate their cover-up work. Schedule a free consultation, or send us a photo and tell us how we can assist you. With your permission, we can speak with your artist to help you meet your goals. We are happy to refer you to licensed artists who have shared their portfolios with Shrinking Ink.

Shrinking Ink accepts credit cards, interac payments, and cash. We also offer convenient payment options, and gift certificates. Call us today at 844-FADE INK (323-3465) or use our Contact Form to ask us a question.

There are many reasons to choose Shrinking Ink for your laser tattoo removal services. We know you’ll love what we offer, and have an awesome time during your visit. See our FAQ's page and contact us today. We look forward to serving you.